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Imagine the response you will receive when you broadcast your equipment for sale to 7000+ email subscribers actively searching for donut/bakery related equipment to start their business.

My name is Lester Chastain of Donutrainingcom. I am an expert doughnut industry consultant. I own the #1 go-to website ( when it pertains to the doughnut industry. When a person is researching information about starting a donut shop or bakery they easily find my website and purchase my doughnut industry related books and DVD donut training.

Reach 7400 of my existing customers!

These people have purchased my donut and bakery industry books and dvd video instructionals and people who are activly interested in starting a business and need equipment’s.

My email list is double opt in permission based derived through

My Donut Time newsletter through a solo ad will drive more targeted traffic in 1 day than most online businesses receive in a month. has been online 16 years and is ranked on the first page of google for donut business consultant, mobile donut business and #1 on for donut business and so much more.

I am recommending a solo advertisement in my monthly newsletter promoting your equipment for sale.

The details;

Advertise in my donutime newsletter for 1 month and I will email a solo ad (your add only) and drive thousands of people to your posting on

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